Kickboxing Classes in Derby

Kickboxing in Derby
kickboxing classes derby



 Kickboxing Classes Starting Now in Derby,

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Our Kickboxing program is developed for people just like you,whether you want to become a champion,get in the best shape of your life or just feel safer we GUARANTEE our program can do it for you...

New Kickboxing Classes Starting

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Frequently asked Questions

1 Do I have to be fit to start? Not at all, all our begginer classes work at your pace whilst still challenging the individual.

2 Do I have to fight? NO  our kickboxing classes work to your benefits, however if competition is for you we have specific classes to suit.

3 Am I too old ? Never! our kickboxing classes are safe friendly and work to your ability.

4 Do I have to commit? We have a 30 day FREE trial to ease you into the program


" I Dare YOU to get in the Best shape of your LIFE"

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