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MMA Classes in Derby
mma derby

Don't want to fight just want to train? 

Mixed Martial Arts Classes, a Great full body WORKOUT!!!!

We pride our selves on an effective mixed martial arts syllabus, its SAFEeasy to learn, combinding muay thai, professional boxing and Brazillian jiu jitsu, and all taught with your safety in mind, here at JJBBA its about having a complete workout whilst learning cutting edge martial arts skills .

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Mixed Martial Arts, The Complete Workout
mixed martial arts classes derby

Mixed Martial Arts Classes, a Great full body WORKOUT!!!!

MMA taught in a safe,and friendly enviroment,with proven results."I dare you to try it"


The Jon Jepson Black Belt Academies Mixed Martial Arts Program, is a full body high energy complete workout,that gets you in the best shape of your life.

Our MMA classes work all areas of martial arts training, making you the complete martial artist, and fighting fit for life.

Join JJBBA Mixed Martial Arts and get

1) in the best shape of your life

2) train in all areas of Martial Arts

3) Have great fun and meet friends

4) Learn cutting edge MMA techniques


Start your 30 day FREE trial of MMA today 

In our MMA Program YOU will Experience:

A unique MMA Syllabus: We have worked along side professional Boxing, Thai Boxing and Jiu Jitsu Coaches to format a world class syllabus just for you here in Derby.

Fully structured program:Our MMA program runs on a rotating curriculum,to ensure you are training in all areas fully and that you are reaching your personal levels of ability and stamina.From technical Boxing, padwork, kicking, stamina, Jiu Jitsu and conditioning etc.

A HARD High Energy Workout:Now do not be put off by the word "HARD" as a beginner your first goal should be to get fit for MMA, simply by doing what you can and then as your fitness and stamina start to improve pushing yourself that little bit more.

We aim to finish every class with high energy to get you feeling great and buzzed up for the next session.

MMA Can burn 900 clories an hour, thats right 900 calories

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